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The death of a loved one can be difficult.  It can be even more difficult when facing the prospect of someone trying to deprive you of your loved one’s inheritance or if a trustee is not complying with his or her fiduciary obligations in trust administration.

When Can A Will Or Trust Be Challenged?

Can A Will Be Challenged If The Maker Was Suffering From Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

What Can I Do If A Trustee Or Estate Administration Representative Is Acting Wrongly?

Can A Will That Leaves Everything To A New Spouse Instead Of Children From A First Marriage Be Challenged?

If you need answers to these and other questions, our experienced Indiana will and trust contest lawyers can evaluate your circumstances and provide guidance on what can be done to protect your inheritance and rights. Our legal team can listen to the facts of your case, identify suspicious activity surrounding the creation of a will or trust, and take action in seeking to remedy fraudulent or improper conduct.

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