The Myths of Prenuptial Agreements

It seems that most people are aware of prenuptial agreements, especially those considering marriage.  However, even though many people have heard about prenuptial agreements, there are still many common misunderstandings about these agreements, including the following: Prenuptial agreements are only for celebrities or the wealthy.  Statistically, about 50% of all marriages will end in divorce

Indiana Child Custody Laws Child Custody – What Rights do I Have?

For many divorcing parents, child custody is the most contentious and fought-over aspect of the divorce process.  Children are the most important aspect of life for most parents, and it’s difficult to imagine not having them with us every night. In most cases in which minor children are involved, one parent will have primary (physical)

Hiring an Attorney for Your Child’s Divorce

In some divorces, the parents of one of the divorcing spouses may be willing to help contribute to the cost of legal fees on behalf of their son or daughter.  Frequently, such a contribution may be made because the son or daughter does not have sufficient assets, or because there are grandchildren involved.  If you

Do Indiana Courts Favor Mothers in Child Custody Cases? And How Do Courts Decide Custody Disputes?

Long ago, Courts often followed the practice of awarding custody of children of tender years to the mother and teenage children to the parent of the same sex. Today, and for many years now, Indiana Courts determine custody based upon the best interest of the child. There is no presumption in favor of either parent.

What Factors Do Indiana Courts Consider for Property Division?

Indiana courts are required to consider certain factors in property division, which are stated specifically in Indiana Code (IC) Section 31-15-7-4 - Division of Property. Read this post to learn more about the factors that courts are required to consider.

The Changing Role of Family Law Practice

For many years, family law was a part of the general practice of small firms and sole-practitioners, and general rules and procedures governed the disposition of these matters. Modern laws have greatly increased the complexity of this area of the law. No longer can an attorney dabble in simple divorce, because simple divorces no longer exist. If you are going through a divorce or need help with a family law matter such as child custody or support, read why it is important to seek the counsel of an experienced family law attorney.

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